Lampadedromia - Installation view at BBK München

Two-channel video installation
9 Minutes, 4k


The two-channel video-installation Lampadedromia re-proportions the World on a scale composed by three intertwined thematic measures: astronomic, sociological and historic.
The videos, opposite to one another, frame the sun in two images filmed in the exact moment; but although we see the same celestial body at the same time, there is one crucial difference between the pictures: each one was taken at the opposite ends of the globe thus showing sunset on one side and sunrise on the other (respectively Karekare, New Zealand and Montellano, Spain – two of the very few points on Earth whose opposites consist of solid land). The new-zealandish sunset on the evening of March 26th 2018 and its simultaneous spanish sunrise, early in the morning, are thus brought on the same visual plane, allowing the observer to stand in the middle between the antipodes of one day.
The artwork pictures the concept of collaboration between humans, as collectivities and individuals: the title, in English translated to“Torch-relay” or “Torch-race”, references the ancient Greek ancestor of the modern Olympic relay-race.
The action of handing over the baton (here represented by the Earth’s horizon) holds in itself the reflection on a wider concept: the collective effort to reach a specific goal. A social and cultural structure whose overall value is bigger than the sum of its parts.
Lampadedromia draws part of its inspiration from the ancient tradition of suspending conflicts among Greek cities in order to allow travellers reach the Olympics safely and to participate in its happening: the Olympic Truce (that a “unified” Korean ice-hockey team during the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, reminded us of – the apex of a wider dispute about the socio-political phenomenology of the Olympic Games of the last 70 years).
In experiencing the artwork between the two projections, the visitor is free to roam, lay down, pass through, stay, exchange: the space that seems apparently empty, becomes a Piazza in which past, present and future are the same entity.
Lampadedromia focuses on trying to portray the highest ideal of human collaboration: the imperceivable slow moving sun passes from one screen to the other as an allegorical torch handed over in slow motion.