Two-channel video installation
9 Minutes, 4k


The two-channel video installation re-proportions the Earth on a scale composed of three intertwined thematic measures: astronomic, social and historic.

The videos, opposite to one another, frame the sun in two images filmed in the exact moment but although one sees the same celestial body at the same time, there is one crucial difference between the pictures: each one was taken at the opposite ends of the globe thus showing sunset on one side and sunrise on the other. The New-zealandish sunset on the evening of March 26th 2018 and its simultaneous Spanish sunrise, are thus brought on the same visual plane, allowing the observer to stand in between the antipodes of one day.

The artwork’s title, in English translated to “Torch-relay”, references the ancient Greek ancestor of the modern Olympic relay-race: the slow moving sun passes from one screen to the other as an allegorical torch handed over in slow motion.Lampadedromia-stills