To the project

Durational Multimedia Performance

2017 – ?

The performance consists of a journey around the entirety of planet Earth using its several virtual reproductions (Google Earth, MS Flight Simulator, Unreal Engine, Outerra), a VR headset, a treadmill, a rowing machine and a blog.

Starting from my hometown, the scope of the project is that of journeying in real time across the virtual continents and oceans with the aim of coming back from the other side, and to translate every physiological and psychological experience on a blog: a carnet de voyage that functions as a dialogue between virtual and physical realities. A platform to fuse their boundaries and overlap their nature, merging the physical self to the virtual representation of Earth. A contemporary Odyssey in virtual reality that addresses the disconnection between presence and location by walking (and rowing) through the evolution of the ever growing attempt to digitally copy the Earth.