Von 48.133517, 11.558891 immer NW nach RA 18° 36‘ 56“ | Dec 38° 47.022‘ für Zehn / Elf Minuten ungefähr


24h performance and installation
Telescope, Post-it, 360°/24h Journal of observation

This project consists out of a 24 hours long performance about astronomical observation.
Within the four walls of a hotel room, I followed for 24 hours the movement of the star Vega in the sky with the help of a computerised telescope (telescopes that can be programmed to lock on and follow any celestial body for as long as needed). Using the telescope as a tool to spot where Vega would be at any given moment I marked the star’s path around me in the room with post-its. Each post-it contained the time of the day/night and the degree of its angle related to our four Cardinal Points.
Alongside this tracking project I created a journal of observation for the entirety of the performance. Each note corresponds to one degree of rotation of planet Earth. The journal ends at 360°: 24 hours after the beginning of the performance.

Within this journal I collected the entirety of thoughts and actions that accompanied me during this journey and the struggle of the infinitesimally small human dimension to keep up with cosmic scales.